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Southern By Choice

Short, Sweet & Sea Salt of Southern Local Nuts & Toro



The Short

Owner and Nut Master, Toro, has been roasting almonds and pecans for the past thirty years. It all started with our classic Cinnamon Almonds. You might have tried them before because they have been sold in every major sporting and concert venue in Atlanta. We’ve successfully roasted and sold over 3 million pounds of almonds and pecans over the past three decades in the Atlanta area and the Southeast.

Small? Very. Local? Yes. Nuts? Absolutely!

The Sweet

Our original German Style Cinnamon Almonds have been sold in every major sporting & concert venue in Atlanta, Auburn and Nashville. Southern Local Nuts has evolved to a Nut Truck with over 12 delicious and eclectic flavors traveling Atlanta and beyond. You can find Toro and the Nut Truck at your favorite breweries and wineries. We've popped up at Scofflaw’s, Variant, Eventide, RockSolid, Printers, Line Creek, Otts, Engelheim, and Qualusi. We also pop up at your neighborhood subdivisions and apartment/condo communities. Follow us on Instagram for our weekly schedule. Upon request, the Nut Truck will come to your business for catering, weddings & hosted events. Please visit our contact page for more information.

The Sea Salt

Our Sea Salt Cinnamon Pecans & Almonds have been the best seller for the past three years. Our other popular flavors are the Cayenne Cinnamon Pecans, Cocoa Ole Almond & Pecans, Fire on the Mountain Pecans & Almonds, Smoked Paprika Almonds, Praline Pecans & Ancho Cinnamon Almonds. You can't go wrong with any of these flavors! We offer a wide variety of freshly roasted onsite almonds and pecans. Shop our delicious and eclectic nuts and do your taste buds a favor.

Check out our schedule on Instagram, come by & say hi to Toro in the traveling Nut Truck! Take advantage of the best almonds and pecans freshly roasted for your family, friends and you!